July End To Disclose More About Cat’ 2017

Most awaited thing for every CAT aspirant is the details of the CAT exam but this wait is going to be over soon as this year’s CAT Convenor – Prof. Neeraj Dwivedi; Faculty and Admission Chairperson at IIM lucknow announced that “CAT-2017 notification is likely to appear in newspapers towards end of July”.

CAT Experts, who have been studying the pattern of CAT  exam and its pre-exam and post exam procedures believe that the eagerly awaited information would be out on 30th July 2017. As they have observed that the IIMs usually declare the dates and schedules on the last sunday in the month of July.  

Notification details

The notification consist of the following details :

  • Opening and closing of CAT 2017 registration date
  • CAT eligibility
  • Date of release of CAT 2017 admit card
  • CAT application fee
  • CAT 2017 exam dates
  • CAT test centres
  • CAT 2017 result date

August First week For Registrations

It is anticipated that the registration for the CAT exam would start in the first week of August, that too from 7th of August towards the end of September. As well as the registration could only be done online and not by any off-line means.

Exam Pattern

We know that with every passing year the CAT exam is becoming more difficult and also each responsible IIMs are always moulding and re-formatting the paper in their respective year of responsibility for the CAT exam, catering to IIM Lucknow and its different academic approach, it is expected that there would be more aspirant friendly changes in the CAT 2017 exam.

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CAT – Common Admission Test, The biggest gateway to a better future for every individual who is willing to excel in the field of management. CAT is said to grow more strenuous with every passing year which make it difficult to crack, but not impossible!! Here are some tips which can help you conquer all the 3 sections of the CAT exam –


  • Calmness increases caliber

It is a very commonly observed fact that during evaluation, people get nervous and starts panicking  which leads to freezing of mind’s decision making power. That’s when the problem starts. When you are not in a state of calmness you tend to have distorted understanding of questions which would result in wrong answering. Therefore it is an utmost necessity to be calm during the preparation and the exam as well.

  • Complete knowledge of what you are going to face

While preparing for any battle it is important for every warrior to know its enemy, your battle is against

The three sections of CAT, which are-

  1. Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension
  2. Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning
  3. Quantitative Aptitude

It is important for you to be known to the topics that are included in each section and properly cover each of it for the triumph.

  • Speed And Accuracy

It is said the fast leaves the time behind , as known to everyone each section is provided with 60 min, which makes it important for everyone to increase the Speed and coline it with Accuracy of responding as well.

  • Read and Repeat

In the VA & RC section – Para completion, para jumble, vocab based, grammar based questions are the ones that cover this whole section. For mastering these questions it is needed to master the skill of choosing valid conclusion ,it is important to understand the tone of the questions and match it with the given responses. Also, for vocab and grammar questions you need to read as much as you can and get thorough with all the rules of english  grammar.

  • Read and Pause and Formulate

Understanding is the basis of answering each question correctly, you should read each question carefully and formulate its asking. You can do so by:

  1. Giving attention to Prefixes and suffixes of the words
  2. Carefully take care of specific words like – all/ none/ otherwise/ only/ if.

Also, do not assume the meaning of any word, try and read it again if you don’t understand it once.

  • Practice mock tests in online setting

Practicing mock tests in similar online settings will give you some what actual experience , try and set time limit by yourself less than every last practice attempt to manage your time limit in the actual exam.

  • Books and Material

Another important thing is  to choose you study material very carefully , there are a lot of authors in the market but each one has different experience and pattern of studies. When you ask the almighty google to guide you for the best CAT books it states the name of authors like Arun Sharma, books by Nitish Sinha and others which are the only ones you should prefer and refer.

  • Set Target

A target driven person is never misguided by his intuition. Set your target in terms of college or percentile or year of clearance(eg – CAT’17 or CAT’18). Your target will help you conceive complete plan of your preparation

  • Preparation for Next Step

Preparation should not be limited to the online exam, but practice for further rounds should also be commenced with theoretical preparation. For example, while preparing for CAT, do focus on next step i.e. GD/PI/WAT too as it plays a crucial role in the conversion of call from any top notch B-school.

  • Guidance

Self study is the best way to prepare for any exam but every person needs a proper guidance from someone who has already been through the same door. Therefore if you are willing to take coaching from any institution do not hesitate as it will give a boost to your individual efforts. Choose your institution wisely after formulating aspects like – faculty, their experience / batch strength / study pattern etc

All these tips can help you in preparation for the exam but at the end all that matters is how dedicated you are towards your dream and how desperate you are to attain them.


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Answer to the frequently asked question: Why MBA?

Personal Interview is the final selection round in which interviewer filter out the desired candidate for the B Schools. In the Personal Interview round of the B Schools, the question which is asked frequently is Why MBA? There is no particular answer to this question or we can say any answer accordingly, but this is the question which can increase or can kill your chances to get selected in B schools.

Some tips to answer this question while giving interview for B Schools are:

Why MBA? : What to say

You can mention many reasons- the most impactful will be your post MBA goals. Just think about what you will do with the MBA degree after graduation.

Some popular reasons can be:

  • A change of industry / role /  geography
  • Picking up new skills that would be relevant for those new jobs
  • Finding business partners (for a business idea that you already have in mind)
  • Building a strong network that can help you many years after you have graduated

These are all reasons for the big ‘Why MBA‘ question, but they can’t be the most appropriate reasons. If your ‘Why MBA’ answer begins and ends at any of these reasons, it’s more likely to be considered as being apparent reasons.

Answer which you must not give:

Informally, most MBA applicants answer that they are opting MBA for higher salary. Others might reply that they are bored and tired of their current roles. Some don’t have interest in their industry. Some dislike their boss. Some want a bigger brand MNC name on their CV. So they are planning to escape from it and move to the top B Schools.

NOTE- These answers must not be presented during the PI’s as it will surely nullify       your chances of getting selected.             

Nowadays, you can’t just focus on cracking the entrance exam (CAT, GMAT) and keep aside your post-MBA career plans for the next 2 years.

Most applicants who get called for the personal interview have got high CAT scores and impressive profiles to begin with. Think about the additional insights you can share with the interviewer that’ll help you knock out the competition and get in.

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Tips To Read- The Hindu

If you are preparing for Competitive exams like CAT or Civil Services exam the most important part is to stay updated with the events happening around the world. Then it comes into the mind Which newspaper to read? What to read? How to read?

The answer to the first question is to read -The Hindu Newspaper.

The answer to the next questions is given below:

  • Make concise notes while reading
  • Try to complete the newspaper within 80 minutes and then decrease it to 60 minutes
  • Don’t waste time on reading the irrelevant news
  • Understand the type of news to be read according to the topics covered in IAS Prelims and mains exam
  • Avoid news on the topics like, Local news, cooking, lifestyle, fashion, advertisement, sports news, open page etc.
  • Sections to be read carefully is Editorial
  • Make the notes of the important points
  • Read news on International issues like relationships of countries, summits, conferences etc.
  • Read Economy section carefully
  • Science & technology section is also important

Hope this will help you out to sought out the queries in your mind.

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Next 5 months Plan for CAT’17 Preparation

Many students have started preparation for CAT’17 and many will start after their semester exams are over. Only 5 months are left for CAT’17 preparation. The main problem for many students will be: How to plan these 5 months to score good in CAT’17? The answer to this question is to plan out strategically and give your best efforts. The plan for  next 5 months which you can follow is given below.

Focus on Completing Syllabus till August 2017

This time your priority must be to complete the syllabus till August 2017. You have to build command on each and every subject till August 2017 because the pattern is changed and you have only 1 hour to attempt each section. So, each section score will be considered in the overall CAT score. Don’t miss any subtopic of any subject while preparing.

Make concise 1-2 page notes (formulas, shortcuts,etc)for every topic, so that it is easy for you to refer and revise at the last moment. You must give at least 3-4 hours for self study.

Revision Time from 1-15 September 2017  

Give 15 days for the revision of every subject topics and it’s sub-topics. Give the sectional or topic wise test as much as you can to improve your subjects. If you are weak at any subject than give more topic wise test of that subject so that you can improve on your weakness.

15 September-Till CAT’17 Exam date

During the last two months, all you have to do is give practice test as much as you can. Just devote this 2 months period to full length mock tests. This will tell you your preparation level and your improvement areas. Track your progress during your preparation because this only will help you scoring good percentile in the CAT’17

All The Best For Preparation

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Do’s and Don’ts while preparing for CAT’17?

The golden period for preparation of the competitive exam for MBA has started. Many candidates have started preparation and many candidates are planning to start. While going through this period you have to avoid some mistakes which is done by almost each and every student preparing for any competitive exam. It is a crucial period which will take you towards your goal and if you will do hard work smartly in this period you are not far away from your dream B School. Take care of these small things carefully:

Don’t compare yourself with others

While you are preparing for CAT, you will be surrounded by many other candidates. You need to take care not to get demotivated by comparing yourself to others. Always deal this situation in optimistic way. Encourage yourself and focus on your goal and remain enthusiastic.

Plan systematically

Planning is always the first step towards the goal. Before starting preparation, make a proper plan or we can say make a time-table according to the different topics. Follow the plan accordingly to get better result.

Solve mock tests

Practice test or mock test makes you aware of the final exam pattern and also gives you an idea where you are lacking in your preparation, in which topic you have command and in which topic you have to focus. You will get an idea where you stand and how much you can score.

Analysing your preparation on a regular interval

An important part while preparation is appraising yourself at regular interval. It is important because it will tell you whether you are heading on the right path or not. This will help you in guiding whether you are improving yourself or not.

Learn from your Mistakes

The preparation will automatically boost up if you start learning from your mistakes. You should analyze your mistakes, so that they are not repeated in the future. This is one of the best ways of learning.

Avoid studying in a distracting environment/Spend too much time online

You should avoid distractions if you want to focus on the preparation. Study in a quiet place, Avoid using cell phones during studies. However, take breaks to refresh yourself whenever necessary.


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DOWN But Not OUT: Tips to deal with B School Rejection

Results of almost all the B school for the admission of the class 2017-19 are declared. Congratulations to the students who got their dream college. And those who could not make it should not lose heart. Just because you’re down to your last strike, you’re not out yet. You can always do more. This year if you didn’t get a B school of your choice, doesn’t mean that you can’t get it. Just remember, “Failure is the first key to success”. Don’t lose faith in yourself,  just follow these steps and start preparing for CAT’17.

1.Re-evaluate Yourself

The first important step you have to take now is re-evaluate yourself and your performance. This will help you in figuring out where you lack this year and what were your mistakes and how can you improve it. The reason of failure can be any one of these:

A) Poor Performance

This is possible that you are not well prepared this time and you have not performed upto the mark. There can be many reasons for that. E.g. you were working and didn’t get enough time to prepare. All you have to do is improve yourself and your profile as well by working hard this time and taking a proper guidance from a senior or an experienced faculty.

B) Profile not as per the B-school

Sometimes our expectations are higher than the reality. It is possible that your profile didn’t  match with the B school you were expecting. There may be a  reason that your experience was not as per the competition level. You have to do the true analysis of your profile and accordingly select the B-school you can target.

2. Plan out the next step

The most important step you have to take is to plan what next you have to do. You want to take CAT’17 or you will work and prepare for the same while working. This is the most important decision you have to take according to your profile. You have to take proper guidance from a professional for this because you don’t know which step is best suited to your profile. This is the most crucial step because this will decide your career. So plan accordingly.

3. Start again with a new hope

Life always move on and there is no reason to stop in the fast moving world. So take a rest, plan out something refreshing and go with the flow. Start preparing for CAT’17 with the fresh mind and be focused to your dream.


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What are the benchmarks for selecting top B schools ?

Planning for MBA? Preparing for CAT? Some of the questions that are troubling you right now are: Which B school is best? How I can select any B school? Which school I must apply according to my scores?

These are the usual questions which bother each and every CAT aspirant. The answers to these questions are different for every individual according to their profile. But most of the answers are common for every individual which are according to some criteria. There are different benchmarks on which the B school is considered before applying. Most of these are placements, academic faculty, environment, location, internship, recruitment partners, return on investment, eligibility and many more.

The first and the most important benchmark while selecting the B school is its placement records and this is also the important aspect considered while ranking the B schools. It is important because every student who opts for MBA requires a good placement. If a student is investing  such a high amount in fees, he also expects a placement with a good salary package. Many students are working before taking admission in MBA and the main reason for which they leave their jobs is the career growth. After the placement and salary package, the next thing to be considered is the previous years placement records. So, while you are selecting a B school first thing you must analyse is their placement records.

The next benchmark is return on investment which is directly related to the placement as it conveys that the amount you are going to invest as fees is worth or not. For an example, if you are giving 15-20 lakhs fees as an investment for 2 year MBA program and after that getting in return a package of 3-4 lakhs than the college is not worth it. So, the important task before applying to any B school is to analyze its return on investment. The main B schools like Old IIM’s, FMS, SP Jain, MDI etc. are considered top most B schools according to this aspect. The fee part is included in this benchmark only.

The next important constraint is eligibility for different B schools which totally depends on the candidate’s profile. The candidate’s profile is build on certain basis like academics in 10th,12th and graduation, engineering field or non-engineering field, gender, work experience, and CAT score. According to these criteria, students get call from different B schools. The top most B schools consider academics above 90% but, there are also different measures on which student having academic score below 90%  can get a call from top most B schools i.e. gender, work experience, stream, etc. After getting a call from the B schools, the main part is GD/PI/WAT in which you can score well as, overall score is build on the basis of GD/PI/WAT performance. Its weightage in overall score vary from 60-70% for different B schools.

The parameters explained above are the most important while considering any of the B schools. The other measures which are taken into consideration are environment, location, academic faculty, internship. But these are the factors which are least considered.

Hope this article is helpful in providing answers to many of the questions which were troubling you right now.

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