The nightmares have come to life with CLAT organizers managing to mismanage the most important Law exams of the year yet again. There were reported glitches across 15 test centres affecting around 5000 students which (around 10% of the total applicants) is more than the double the number of students who are going to qualify for the exam. So basically, yet again the exam was managed in a ‘proper’ horrendous manner. And, yet again it will be raised in the petition before the Supreme Court
of India.

Leaving these ‘petty’ matters aside, the merits of the exam was almost similar to the last year. It was an exam with easy to moderate level of difficulty. Legal Reasoning being on the easier side and Mathematics weighing towards the difficult side of the balance. But overall the merit will be more or less average with top 5 colleges going to students scoring around 125 marks but this may come a bit down because of many important centres facing the technical glitches.
The Section wise break-up is as follows:
GK: The Section was almost on the expected pattern except that there a bit more of Static GK then was expected. The difficulty level of this section was easy as most of the questions were what is expected of the applicants.

Legal Reasoning: This section was on the easier side as well. The maximum weightage, as expected, was again given to Reasoning Question with simple Principle and Facts based questions. Rest 10 questions were Legal Knowledge-based but being on the easier side as well.

Logical Reasoning: This was also on the easier side of the balance as there were pretty straightforward questions except for 1 puzzle question which has been reported to be a bit difficult. Quant actually made it a bit tough. Therefore, this section can also be called a moderate one.

English: This Section was nothing different from the last year paper and not much of experimenting was observed. The Comprehensions were reasonably lengthy, which is appreciated, and the difficulty standard of the Grammar part was also moderate. Therefore, this section would also be ranked as easy-to-moderate.

Mathematics: This was the toughest of the lot. As the questions were both lengthy and difficult especially taking into account that Aspirants are generally on the weaker side of this subject. A score of 50% (9-10 marks) will be great. But as the cut-off, the top 5 law school goes at around 60-62 percent this could be called a difficult section for the students.


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