More MBA Graduates to be hired in 2018

The most common observation is that almost every fresh management graduate is worried about his placement. MBA job market is offering robust employment opportunities for management graduates and business master holders.

Irrespective of the immigration and work visa issues arosen after the wave of change of political situation of world’s biggest economy -US,companies are keen to hire management  graduates for this year as well. This signifies the importance of the management programme.

A survey on corporate recruiters conducted in 2017 highlighted that 9/10 employers are keen for hiring MBA and business masters’ graduates, about 86% of companies over the globe planned  to hire business master and mba degree holders 17% more in 2017.

Also demand for management graduates is highest in America and Asian region, also reported by the survey.   

In 2017, 59% of the total employers planned to hire MBA’s which was 50% more than  the  stats of 2016. Employers of countries like Latin America, USA, members of European union, nations in Asia  state that they will continue hiring international candidates despite formulation or alteration of any immigration law.

A greater percentage of employers hire MBA graduates of accounts/finances programs. 60% of companies hire candidates in data analytics; apart from this business development, finance profile, marketing, human resources continue to be high in demand.  

The repayment to these professional services i.e. the remuneration also looks pretty encouraging as 2017, 52% of global employers planned to increase the initial salary for MBAs. Many US based companies offered base salary of $1,10,000  as compared to $105,000 in 2016.

It is expected that the same change could be observed in the changing year therefore we can conclude that international firms are keen enough to hire MBA graduates and Master Degree holders as a crucial part of their organisations.  

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Posted by Muskan Dagar, Tuesday, July 4, 2017    11:55:00AM



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