CAT – Common Admission Test, The biggest gateway to a better future for every individual who is willing to excel in the field of management. CAT is said to grow more strenuous with every passing year which make it difficult to crack, but not impossible!! Here are some tips which can help you conquer all the 3 sections of the CAT exam –


  • Calmness increases caliber

It is a very commonly observed fact that during evaluation, people get nervous and starts panicking  which leads to freezing of mind’s decision making power. That’s when the problem starts. When you are not in a state of calmness you tend to have distorted understanding of questions which would result in wrong answering. Therefore it is an utmost necessity to be calm during the preparation and the exam as well.

  • Complete knowledge of what you are going to face

While preparing for any battle it is important for every warrior to know its enemy, your battle is against

The three sections of CAT, which are-

  1. Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension
  2. Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning
  3. Quantitative Aptitude

It is important for you to be known to the topics that are included in each section and properly cover each of it for the triumph.

  • Speed And Accuracy

It is said the fast leaves the time behind , as known to everyone each section is provided with 60 min, which makes it important for everyone to increase the Speed and coline it with Accuracy of responding as well.

  • Read and Repeat

In the VA & RC section – Para completion, para jumble, vocab based, grammar based questions are the ones that cover this whole section. For mastering these questions it is needed to master the skill of choosing valid conclusion ,it is important to understand the tone of the questions and match it with the given responses. Also, for vocab and grammar questions you need to read as much as you can and get thorough with all the rules of english  grammar.

  • Read and Pause and Formulate

Understanding is the basis of answering each question correctly, you should read each question carefully and formulate its asking. You can do so by:

  1. Giving attention to Prefixes and suffixes of the words
  2. Carefully take care of specific words like – all/ none/ otherwise/ only/ if.

Also, do not assume the meaning of any word, try and read it again if you don’t understand it once.

  • Practice mock tests in online setting

Practicing mock tests in similar online settings will give you some what actual experience , try and set time limit by yourself less than every last practice attempt to manage your time limit in the actual exam.

  • Books and Material

Another important thing is  to choose you study material very carefully , there are a lot of authors in the market but each one has different experience and pattern of studies. When you ask the almighty google to guide you for the best CAT books it states the name of authors like Arun Sharma, books by Nitish Sinha and others which are the only ones you should prefer and refer.

  • Set Target

A target driven person is never misguided by his intuition. Set your target in terms of college or percentile or year of clearance(eg – CAT’17 or CAT’18). Your target will help you conceive complete plan of your preparation

  • Preparation for Next Step

Preparation should not be limited to the online exam, but practice for further rounds should also be commenced with theoretical preparation. For example, while preparing for CAT, do focus on next step i.e. GD/PI/WAT too as it plays a crucial role in the conversion of call from any top notch B-school.

  • Guidance

Self study is the best way to prepare for any exam but every person needs a proper guidance from someone who has already been through the same door. Therefore if you are willing to take coaching from any institution do not hesitate as it will give a boost to your individual efforts. Choose your institution wisely after formulating aspects like – faculty, their experience / batch strength / study pattern etc

All these tips can help you in preparation for the exam but at the end all that matters is how dedicated you are towards your dream and how desperate you are to attain them.


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Posted by Harit Sharma, Saturday, June 24, 2017    5:15:00PM


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