No GD-PI-WAT for IIM Nagpur, Sirmaur, Jammu

Admission process of all the B schools is about to end. Many B schools have already declared the result. We are aware of the admission procedures of the top most IIMs and B schools. However, new IIMs admission criteria is somewhat different from the other B schools. Out of 7 new IIM’s, IIM Visakhapatnam has conducted the it’s own PI/WAT round. 3 IIMs namely IIM Amritsar, Bodhgaya and Sambalpur participated in the Common Admission Process (CAP) 2017 held at IIM Rohtak.

The 3 IIMs namely Nagpur, Sirmaur and Jammu neither conducted their own GD/PI/WAT process nor participate in the CAP. They admitted the students directly, taking into consideration only their CAT’16 percentile, academic score and Work Experience. Whosoever had chosen these 3 IIMs while filling the CAT’16 application form, got a call directly considering their overall score.

IIM Nagpur

The admission procedure followed by IIM Nagpur this year was as follows: from 21st April they contacted the candidates based on their overall score (by call and mails) who had opted for IIM Nagpur while applying for CAT’16. The minimum CAT percentile cut-off was set by the institute. E.g.: the CAT percentile cutoff for General category was overall 90 percentile and sectionwise 80 percentile. They aligned scores to your academics and work experience as well. They gave 50% weightage to CAT score, 30% to Academic Profile and 20% to Work Experience.

IIM Sirmaur & IIM Jammu

The mentor announces that “No Interview will be conducted this year for admission in the class 2017-19. Students who have opted for IIM Sirmaur & Jammu will be called according to their CAT score and their profile.” The IIM Sirmaur & Jammu is going to make a merit list which will be released in May 2017. According to the merit list  students will be admitted. Cutoff for IIM Sirmaur & Jammu will be 80 percentile overall for general candidates with 75 percentile section wise. Both the IIMs will give 50% weightage to the CAT’16 score, 10% to class 12th marks, 10% to the graduation marks, 20% to the work experience, 5% to academic diversity and remaining 5% to the gender diversity.

If you want to study with brand name IIM and you have not scored upto the mark for the top IIM’s you can wait for these new IIMs merit list. Your dream to study in IIM can become a reality.


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AON Hewitt associate with IIM Bangalore to put forward Human Resource Programme

The HR Consultancy firm AON Hewitt join hands with the IIM Bangalore to develop Human Resource Programme, aiming to build HR leaders. Chief HR Officer  programme aims to develop talented leaders who drives the business outcomes through human resources.

The programme, co-created by Aon and IIM-Bangalore, will be launched in June. It will focus on various aspects including sharpening the understanding of business value chain to identify linkage to people initiatives, designing and execution of business-aligned human capital strategy, re-configuring HR operating models in response to dynamic business demands, driving change such as globalization and acquisitions by leveraging data and technology and steering the transformation journey of an HR organisation.

It is broken into three modules, with 10 days spent on IIM-Bangalore campus. Besides being taught by IIM faculty, participants will work with senior Aon practitioners. “We have partnered with Aon for the design and development of the curriculum, besides being involved with the delivery and marketing as well,” said professor Madan Mohan Raj Athimoolam, chief programme officer-executive education programmes, IIM-Bangalore.

Initially around 30 participants are being targeted for each batch. “There is a general perception that the CHRO is not finding a voice on the board and not bringing enough business perspective to the table. There is an evolving need to understand the business to make an impact at the senior level,” said Athimoolam.

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Do’s and Don’ts while preparing for CAT’17?

The golden period for preparation of the competitive exam for MBA has started. Many candidates have started preparation and many candidates are planning to start. While going through this period you have to avoid some mistakes which is done by almost each and every student preparing for any competitive exam. It is a crucial period which will take you towards your goal and if you will do hard work smartly in this period you are not far away from your dream B School. Take care of these small things carefully:

Don’t compare yourself with others

While you are preparing for CAT, you will be surrounded by many other candidates. You need to take care not to get demotivated by comparing yourself to others. Always deal this situation in optimistic way. Encourage yourself and focus on your goal and remain enthusiastic.

Plan systematically

Planning is always the first step towards the goal. Before starting preparation, make a proper plan or we can say make a time-table according to the different topics. Follow the plan accordingly to get better result.

Solve mock tests

Practice test or mock test makes you aware of the final exam pattern and also gives you an idea where you are lacking in your preparation, in which topic you have command and in which topic you have to focus. You will get an idea where you stand and how much you can score.

Analysing your preparation on a regular interval

An important part while preparation is appraising yourself at regular interval. It is important because it will tell you whether you are heading on the right path or not. This will help you in guiding whether you are improving yourself or not.

Learn from your Mistakes

The preparation will automatically boost up if you start learning from your mistakes. You should analyze your mistakes, so that they are not repeated in the future. This is one of the best ways of learning.

Avoid studying in a distracting environment/Spend too much time online

You should avoid distractions if you want to focus on the preparation. Study in a quiet place, Avoid using cell phones during studies. However, take breaks to refresh yourself whenever necessary.


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DOWN But Not OUT: Tips to deal with B School Rejection

Results of almost all the B school for the admission of the class 2017-19 are declared. Congratulations to the students who got their dream college. And those who could not make it should not lose heart. Just because you’re down to your last strike, you’re not out yet. You can always do more. This year if you didn’t get a B school of your choice, doesn’t mean that you can’t get it. Just remember, “Failure is the first key to success”. Don’t lose faith in yourself,  just follow these steps and start preparing for CAT’17.

1.Re-evaluate Yourself

The first important step you have to take now is re-evaluate yourself and your performance. This will help you in figuring out where you lack this year and what were your mistakes and how can you improve it. The reason of failure can be any one of these:

A) Poor Performance

This is possible that you are not well prepared this time and you have not performed upto the mark. There can be many reasons for that. E.g. you were working and didn’t get enough time to prepare. All you have to do is improve yourself and your profile as well by working hard this time and taking a proper guidance from a senior or an experienced faculty.

B) Profile not as per the B-school

Sometimes our expectations are higher than the reality. It is possible that your profile didn’t  match with the B school you were expecting. There may be a  reason that your experience was not as per the competition level. You have to do the true analysis of your profile and accordingly select the B-school you can target.

2. Plan out the next step

The most important step you have to take is to plan what next you have to do. You want to take CAT’17 or you will work and prepare for the same while working. This is the most important decision you have to take according to your profile. You have to take proper guidance from a professional for this because you don’t know which step is best suited to your profile. This is the most crucial step because this will decide your career. So plan accordingly.

3. Start again with a new hope

Life always move on and there is no reason to stop in the fast moving world. So take a rest, plan out something refreshing and go with the flow. Start preparing for CAT’17 with the fresh mind and be focused to your dream.


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Preparation Tips for Verbal Ability [VA] Section

In this article I will share a few important steps to be taken for excelling in the VA or verbal ability section of the CAT exam as it is popularly known.

First of all it should be clear that the VA section has become very structured and has 5-6 question types which are very important.

Secondly, since the chapters are more or less defined with a few changes or surprises, the option of leaving something does not arise.

So we cannot say that I will not solve para-jumbles in the exam because there might be a chance that out of the 10 VA questions there are 3 para-jumbles questions which gives it a 30 % importance in that section.

Thirdly, since the number of question are limited to 10 in VA, the scope of leaving out questions and the liberty of making errors or doing guess work is out of question. If you plan to do any of those things then, be prepared for negative marking at your own risk, to the extent of not being able to clear the cut off also.

Speed is not an issue in the verbal section of the CAT exam because you get close to 3 min to solve one question which in VA is enough, but accuracy cannot be compromised at any cost.

The chapters which are seen mostly in this section of CAT exam are:

  • Sentence completion
  • Paragraph completion
  • Paragraph jumbles
  • Irrelevant sentences
  • Phrasal verbs
  • Sentence correction
  • Critical reasoning
  • Fact, inference and judgment.

Since the CAT exam is known for springing up surprises, be prepared for a new question type to pop up from time to time. For example the irrelevant sentence questions which 1st appeared in 2011 and surprised everyone, have now become a regular feature.

As earlier talked about surprises, I would like to add that if you are well prepared for the above mentioned topics the VA section will be a smooth sailing for you even if there is a surprise question.

The key to solving VA accurately lies in a good command over vocabulary, a decent knowledge of grammar and a good grasp over sentence / paragraph decoding. For this, extensive reading and a good knowledge of words/vocabulary are the only options available.

Thorough practice of each question type and exposure to different levels of testing are a sure shot way of gaining confidence and achieving better levels of accuracy in the exam.

So start your preparation and break it into small goals for each topic.

Keep in touch with all the topics and keep upgrading your levels till the month of the exam.


Always with you!!

Meenakshi Upadhyay

(The author is an IIM Bangalore Alumnus, the author of a series of best-selling books on CAT from McGraw Hill as well as the Verbal Ability Trainer at Mindworkzz- the online as well as classroom CAT training venture of Arun Sharma)


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Looking for the micro- courses to boost up your profile for CAT’17?

Is there any professional course which will help build my profile?

Is there any short-term course which will help me justify drop in my profile?

These are some question that trouble all the candidates who are going to appear for the CAT’17. The answer to these questions is, YES. There are several short-term courses or micro-courses which will help you out to build your profile for CAT’17. Micro-courses are the short term courses conducted online, which you can learn sitting at home just by devoting 3-4 hours a week. Different candidates have interest in different domains like Marketing, Finance, Operations, Economics, Digital Marketing etc. This article will assist you in selecting a micro-courses specific to your domain on interest.

Marketing and Sales Domain

If you have an interest, and want to build your profile, in marketing and sales you can opt any of the following micro-courses:

  1. Marketing Management

In this marketing course, you will learn the fundamentals of marketing management. It is a 9 week online course. Knowledge acquired after the course will be:

  • Basic concepts of marketing
  • Segmentation, targeting, differentiation and positioning
  • Marketing strategy
  • 4Ps of marketing: product, price, place and promotion

    2. Marketing Analytics

It is an online course of 12 weeks. In this course you will discover how to develop quantitative models that leverage business data, statistical computation, and machine learning to forecast sales and marketing impact for:

  • customer relationship management;
  • market segmentation;
  • value creation;
  • communication;
  • monetization.
  1. Fundamentals of Marketing Structure

It is just 1 week online course in which you will learn about:

  • Recognize markets in general
  • Recognize the two dimensions of market structure
  • Identify the differences between OTC and Exchange Systems
  • Recognize how to define market participants
  • Explain the concept of liquidity
  • Identify the key elements of financial market mechanics
  • Recognize how transaction frequency influences market evolution
  1. Digital Marketing, Social Media and E-commerce for your business

This course will help you to arm yourself with the essential principles and practices of marketing in the digital economy. It is a 6 week course which help you in learning:

  • How to leverage new models in business and e-commerce to increase profitability
  • Successful Social media and digital marketing techniques
  • Real-world application of digital marketing and e-commerce methods
  • How to market yourself and your products more effectively and efficiently
  1. Online Marketing Strategies

This online course of 12 weeks duration will introduce you to the range of marketing in which Internet is used. In this course you will learn:

  • Use basic e-marketing tools
  • Apply traditional marketing strategies in an online environment
  • Evaluate a firm’s internet marketing strategy

Finance Domain

If you have interest in finance domain there are some micro-courses which you can opt for:

  1. Accounting and Finance


This business course is an online course of 11 weeks. In this course you will get to learn about:

  • Financial statement analysis
  • Cost management
  • Financial Management

The overall objective of the course is to build financial acumen to make you a successful entrepreneur or manager.

    2.  Corporate Finance

This is the upcoming online course which will be of 5 week duration. Corporate finance will address the issues to help managers make value-enhancing decisions. In this course you will learn:

  • The role of corporate finance in an organization
  • The role of financial markets in financing firms and individual’s need for funds
  • Capital budgeting tools such as payback period, internal rate of return and net present value used in evaluating investments

     3. Personal Finance

It is an 5 weeks online course on which you will acquired skills to manage your money effectively by learning:

  • How to manage your finances and make better financial decisions
  • The time value of money
  • Basics of stock markets and investments
  • The proper role of credit and how to use it judiciously
  • How insurance works
  • The interplay between investments, credit and insurance
  • The importance of saving for retirement sooner rather than later

Strategy and Operations Domain

As the operation domain demand is growing nowadays, you have option to boost your profile in this domain also by doing the course:

Operation Management

This course of 6 weeks will equip you with the right tools, techniques and skills to estimate, compute, analyze and configure key elements of operations management. In this course you will learn:

  • Identify an operations system with some known standard configurations
  • Make an assessment of the complexity of an operations system
  • Compute cycle times for operations and estimate capacity of the system
  • Understand the various components of a supply chain and the need to configure them appropriately
  • Identify methods for reducing bullwhip effect in supply chains
  • Understand and relate the concept of Lean Management to one’s own business situation
  • Initiate process & productivity improvement using NVA Analysis
  • Use specific tools and techniques to analyze quality problems
  • Monitor a process using control charts

If you are planning for the new introduced MBA in Business Analytics by LIBA & TCS here is the course which you can go for:

Business Analytics

This course is a skilled course which will be added in your profile. In this course you will learn about:

  • Apply methods, tools, and software for acquiring, managing/storing, and accessing structured and unstructured data
  • Prepare data for statistical analysis, perform basic exploratory and descriptive analysis, and apply statistical techniques to analyze data
  • Apply descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics to business modeling and decision-making
  • Demonstrate orally, and in writing, the ability to explain complex analytical models and results

These are the micro-courses which will help you in boosting your profile. Some of these courses are free and are offered by IIMB. There are many more courses according to your interest which you can opt for. Hope this article provides you the beneficial information.

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Final Placement Report of class 2015-17: XLRI Jamshedpur

Xavier School of Management (XLRI) is one of the premier B school founded in 1949. From the last seven decades the XLRI is creating responsible business leaders and professionals. The placement season 2017 of this top B school has concluded with a hike in the average salary package.

The class of 2015-17 consisted 359 students who were also graduated from the top colleges like BITS, NITs, IITs, SRCC, St. Stephen college etc. 21% candidates of the class were freshers and  rest of the 79% have work experience in top MNCs like Hindustan Unilever, Amazon and many others in the field Engineering, Arts, Commerce, Chartered Accountant etc.

Out of 359 students, 121 students got pre placement offer which was a significant increase over the last year. The average salary package this year rose to 19.15 lakhs per annum. If we  consider the average salary package according to the domain, Operations got the highest average salary package of 26.5 lakhs per annum. In the marketing domain, the average salary package rose to 21.8 lakhs per annum. 18% rise has also been seen in the number of CTC above 25 lakhs per annum.

As XLRI outshines for its Human Resource Program, this year also the candidates from HR program got excellent job offers as compared to the other roles like FMCG, Consulting, Operations and General Management.

The top recruiters visited during the placement season 2017 of XLRI were: Uber, Directi, HCL, Capgemini, Infosys, Accenture, Tech Mahindra, Tata Sky and IBM for the Technology Management role; Aditya Birla Group, Mahindra & Mahindra, Reliance Industries, Lodha group, Future group, RPG and TAS for the General Management role;  Capgemini Consulting, Cognizant Business Consulting, Deloitte, EY, Everest Group, Gallup, KPMG, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Infosys Global Consulting, Positive Moves and Zensar for the consulting role; Citibank, Development Bank of Singapore, ICICI Bank, Yes Bank for the finance role;  Asian Paints, Colgate Palmolive, GSK CH, HCCB, ITC, AB InBev, Heinz, Mondelez, Nestle, Reckitt Benckiser and P&G for the FMCG, Operations and HR role.

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What are the benchmarks for selecting top B schools ?

Planning for MBA? Preparing for CAT? Some of the questions that are troubling you right now are: Which B school is best? How I can select any B school? Which school I must apply according to my scores?

These are the usual questions which bother each and every CAT aspirant. The answers to these questions are different for every individual according to their profile. But most of the answers are common for every individual which are according to some criteria. There are different benchmarks on which the B school is considered before applying. Most of these are placements, academic faculty, environment, location, internship, recruitment partners, return on investment, eligibility and many more.

The first and the most important benchmark while selecting the B school is its placement records and this is also the important aspect considered while ranking the B schools. It is important because every student who opts for MBA requires a good placement. If a student is investing  such a high amount in fees, he also expects a placement with a good salary package. Many students are working before taking admission in MBA and the main reason for which they leave their jobs is the career growth. After the placement and salary package, the next thing to be considered is the previous years placement records. So, while you are selecting a B school first thing you must analyse is their placement records.

The next benchmark is return on investment which is directly related to the placement as it conveys that the amount you are going to invest as fees is worth or not. For an example, if you are giving 15-20 lakhs fees as an investment for 2 year MBA program and after that getting in return a package of 3-4 lakhs than the college is not worth it. So, the important task before applying to any B school is to analyze its return on investment. The main B schools like Old IIM’s, FMS, SP Jain, MDI etc. are considered top most B schools according to this aspect. The fee part is included in this benchmark only.

The next important constraint is eligibility for different B schools which totally depends on the candidate’s profile. The candidate’s profile is build on certain basis like academics in 10th,12th and graduation, engineering field or non-engineering field, gender, work experience, and CAT score. According to these criteria, students get call from different B schools. The top most B schools consider academics above 90% but, there are also different measures on which student having academic score below 90%  can get a call from top most B schools i.e. gender, work experience, stream, etc. After getting a call from the B schools, the main part is GD/PI/WAT in which you can score well as, overall score is build on the basis of GD/PI/WAT performance. Its weightage in overall score vary from 60-70% for different B schools.

The parameters explained above are the most important while considering any of the B schools. The other measures which are taken into consideration are environment, location, academic faculty, internship. But these are the factors which are least considered.

Hope this article is helpful in providing answers to many of the questions which were troubling you right now.

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Placement 2017:IIFT Delhi & Kolkata break their previous years’ record

The placement period for the class of 2017 of one of the top 10 B school “IIFT” has concluded.  IIFT Delhi & Kolkata broke their previous year record of placements. As we all know, Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) is a public management institute set up by the Government of India in 1963.The institute was set up to professionalize country’s foreign trade. The program for which IIFT is considered by students is MBA in International Business.

The class of 2017 of IIFT, consisted of 258 students which is highest as per the last year’s as, 2016 batch consist of 254 and 2015 batch consist of 219 students. 94 recruiters visited this year, which was again the highest number till now. If we talk about average number of offers, there has been an increment of 16%. Out of 258 students, 74 got pre-placement offers, which were 64 last year.

IIFT is known for its International offers. This year 3 students got international offers of more than Rs 1 crore and 6 above Rs 75 lakhs per annum salary package. Total 20 students got international offers from the locations like Dubai, Singapore and Nigeria. The highest domestic salary package drawn was Rs 26 lakhs per annum. The average salary package rose to Rs 18.41 lakhs per annum.

Some of the top recruiters in this placement season were: Sachs, JP Morgan, Godrej, ICICI Bank, Citibank, Axis Bank, HP, Tata Steel, L&T, IOCL, GAIL Citibank, ITC, Marico, Amazon, HDFC, HSBC, Cognizant, Infosys, Wipro, HPCL, SBI. Few new recruiters were also added to the list  they were: , Marico, HDFC Bank, GSK CH, Trafigura, Eli Lilly, Tetra Pak, 3M, Aditya Birla Group, Cipla, Shell, RPG Group, Dell.

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Important Tips for the students who are going for the PI round of FMS

The most important period of Extempore and Personal Interview of one of the dream B school of MBA aspirants has started from 10th April and it will last till 17th April 2017 for the class of 2017-19. The number of students called for the Extempore & PI round this year is 2160. The table given below give details of the number of candidates called according to their category:

                                                       MBA Programme – 2017

                                                 (Total Number of Seats=200*)


Total No. of seats

No. of candidates called for PI


101 1010
















Total 216



*Number of seats available in PH, CW and Foreign Students Category are supernumerary. In case of Foreign Students (10 Seats), the admissions will be done on the basis of screening which will be done subsequently.

The PI round is scheduled from 10 April-13 April for General category, 13 April & 14 April for SC category, 14 April & 15 April for ST category, 15 April & 16 April for OBC category, 16 April & 17 April for PH category and 17th april for CW category. The candidates are called at different time sessions, these are:  8.30AM; 9.30AM; 10.30AM; 12.30PM; 1.30PM and 2.30PM.

The table above provided an information that approx. 10 candidates are called per seat. The most important question coming in the candidate mind is, How I must prepare for PI round to get admission in FMS? The overall admission of a candidate in FMS depends on the CAT score, PI score and Extempore score. Weightage of these three rounds in admission process is: 85% weightage is given to CAT score, 5% weightage to the Extempore score and 10% to the Personal Interview score.

The extempore session will last for 2-3 minutes in which you have to give a speech on the topic given to you on the spot. Through this session your communication skill, confidence level and how much you are updated about the current social and political issues is judged. In the Personal Interview round which is of 15-20 minutes, you are judged according to your profile.

The Dean of the FMS, Dr. M L Singla said that, in this session they are looking for 5 basic qualities in the students. These qualities are must as these are the only things which are considered by the recruiters who visit FMS for the placement. The qualities which they consider are:

  • Good persona -Body language & personality
  • High potential – confidence level and leadership quality
  • Well grounded nature – Smart worker and quick learner
  • Socially sensitive
  • Concerned about the environment

The Dean of the FMS, Dr. M L Singla gives a statement about the prefered candidates in Extempore and PI round that: “FMS campus is a socially sensitive campus looking for candidates who are concerned about the environment and society at large. Candidates with overall good persona with a high potential and well-grounded nature are preferred.”

So if you are preparing for FMS PI round plan accordingly. All the best for your PI round.


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