GD/WAT Topics of B-schools (IIFT, XLRI, IIMs, SIBM-P etc.)


As we are done with most of the entrance examinations for various B-Schools, let’s not just waste time waiting for the results.

Here are some of the GD/WAT topics that have been asked in the previous years of various B-Schools 2nd phase of shortlisting.
We would be also posting important points on each of these topics that should be covered while you are in a GD or writing the Essay (Written Ability Test).
You should bookmark this link so as to be updated with these topics as the GD/PI stage holds a lot of importance in your final selection.

As IIFT was the first b-school to declare it’s result and shortlist, here we are posting the GD/WAT topics asked in IIFT in the previous years.

  1. Twenty years of liberalization: India’s Balance sheet
  2. Personal gadgets and their effect on social fabric
  3. MBA course should focus more on soft skills
  4. Conflict between “development” & “environment”
  5. Food safety : essence & execution
  6. A strong legislation needs an effective implementation
  7. Commercialization of Health sector in India
  8. More Indians have a Mobile than a Tooth- Brush.
  9. India’s economic performance has been overstated in the past one decade.
  10. Commercialization of Education Sector in India.
  11. Should Reality TV shows involving children be banned?
  12. Should we be actually alarmed about climate change or is it just an over-hyped affair?
  13. Petroleum subsidy: should it be removed or continued?
  14. Should genetic engineering of plants and animals be banned?
  15. Should we be actually alarmed about climate change or is it just an over-hyped affair?

Keep visiting our website for more such topics and pointers on them of other B-schools like XLRI, IIMs, SIBM-P and various other colleges through CAT, XAT, NMAT and SNAP.

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